Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

Made a quick Christmas trifle with the boys today.
My five year old plastered raspberry jam all over the sponges while my nine year old made the raspberry jelly. Then we all dropped the fresh raspberries in. After that we added gallons of custard and whipped cream. I think it could well be the sweetest thing ever created - even the pictures are making my teeth itch!

When I got up this morning I found that the kettle wasn't working - which was disappointing but at least it wasn't the boiler!
Luckily I had some vouchers for M&S so we drove out to the home store and allowed the five year old to choose a new kettle (bright red - looks like a fire extinguisher!) I also selected a new whisk, a set of measuring jugs and an array of tea towels. Then as we approached the till, I caught sight of this lampshade...

Whereupon I put everything back (apart from the kettle) and bought the lampshade instead.
 (I think it looks as if it could spin round and project flickering pictures onto the walls!) Later I'm going to curl up on the sofa with a good book and read by the light of the new lampshade and the Christmas tree lights - with a glass of something festive.

My choice of perfect Christmas comfort reading. My favourite is probably 'The Man in the Brown Suit'.

When the Man in the Brown Suit clasps the heroine around the neck and squeezes (while suggesting he might fling her dead body to the sharks) she simply laughs.
"What's your name?" he asked abruptly.
"Anne Beddingfeld."
"Does nothing frighten you, Anne Beddingfeld?"
"Oh, yes," I said, with an assumption of coolness I was far from feeling. "Wasps, sarcastic women, very young men, cockroaches and superior shop assistants."

There is also a fabulous character named Sir Eustace Pedler. This is an extract from his diary.
Thursday Night
Tomorrow we shall be going through Bechuanaland. The dust will be atrocious. Also at every station little Kafir children come and sell you quaint wooden animals that they carve themselves. Also mealie bowls and baskets. I am rather afraid that Mrs Blair may run amok. There is a primitive charm about these toys that I feel will appeal to her.
Friday Evening
As I feared. Mrs Blair and Anne have bought forty-nine wooden animals!

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