Friday, 30 December 2011

Jungle Party Disaster!

Yesterday we threw a Jungle party for my oldest son (who is very nearly nine) and one of his friends. We arranged for a Jungley man (in a big hat) to bring an assortment of wild animals for the children to hold/stroke - while he talked about conservation and respect for the animals. Among other things, there was to be a six foot python, a tarantula, a baby meercat and a couple of parrots.
Only there wasn't to be... 
He didn't turn up. It dawned on us with agonising slowness that the jungley man wasn't just late - he wasn't coming. We were in a hall booked for three hours, surrounded by more than a dozen nine year olds - all looking at us expectantly. Aaaaargh!
So we played hide and seek and wink murder and tag and zombies and musical chairs. Then we played them all again. We organized a crap quiz and a mad game where they passed things to each other using only their chins. Then we fed them s-l-o-w-l-y on individual crisps and undercooked pizza and single chocolate fingers until they pleaded with us to stop.
And still there were hours left to fill.
Ironically, I'd run mad with the wild animal theme. There were animal masks for all the children, wild animals on the cups, plates, tablecloths and partybags. The only things there weren't, of course, were the animals themselves!

Spot the elephant with the crap party!
Oh, well. None of the children appeared to mind too much. And the JungleTalk man emailed us today to apologise for getting the day wrong. He invited the boys to come for tea and an animal encounter to make up for it.
Who knows, maybe this time next year I'll look back and laugh.

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