Sunday, 15 January 2012

Dealing with Rejection

Yesterday I received the final rejection from all the copies of my first novel that I sent out last year.
The first one really stung (although it was a very kind letter) and made me pretty miserable.
The second one hurt a little less.
By the time I'd been rejected half a dozen times, I was pleased just to receive personal advice.
Yesterday's rejection was number 13 and I didn't mind one bit.
So, it's been um - character-building!

As I began to amass rejection letters, it became clear that I'd picked the wrong genre to write in. "The romantic comedy market is saturated"..."Given how tricky and overcrowded the current market is"..."It's tremendously difficult to sell genre womens' fiction at present" ...were just a few of the comments I collected.

But there were a few compliments on my writing too. In fact, I received enough positive advice to encourage me to try again this year. Only I'm going to attempt a mystery story with supernatural and historical elements this time. I've enjoyed it too much to stop now.

*The kindest comments and most constructive criticism came from Lizzy Kremer at David Higham.
*Further encouragement came from Dorothy Lumley at Dorian Literary Agency and Ger Nichol at the Book Bureau.
*Most impersonal rejections came from PFD and Marjacq Scripts.
* Lizzy Kremer sent the quickest response (about 2days!) whilst yesterday's rejection from Gunn Global Media took around 19 weeks to arrive!
*Average response times were about 5/6 weeks.

I had a three week break from writing over Christmas and became slightly detached from the new story I'd started to write in the autumn, so it's been fairly slow going over the last week and a half. But I've been plodding on with it - inbetween playing Spider Solitaire and Chicken Invaders!
My wordcount is just over 37,000.

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