Sunday, 1 January 2012


Humph! Just finished reading The Murder of Roger Ackroyd - and didn't enjoy it as much as I'd hoped (apart from a mad description of a game of Mah Jong - which made me laugh!) A similar twist in The Man in the Brown Suit helped me to guess who the murderer was before I was even half way through. So all the ensuing twists and turns and red herrings only served to annoy me. I love that feeling of  "It's sooo obvious now - why didn't I see it coming?" But only when it comes at the end.
I suspect that murder mysteries are like cryptic crossword puzzles - the more you do the easier they are to solve. I've still got two stories left so I can put that theory to the test.
Anyhow, I'm going to continue to read lots of different genres - thrillers or sci fi for example - especially if they sell well. Hopefully it'll rub off on my own writing.
My main resolution for 2012 is to have something published and to write a book that's exciting!

Other things I am slightly less resolute about - but which I would like for the new year include...
More hair feathers!
To be bolder.
To go up in a hot air balloon!

Perhaps I also could get a cool tattoo? (I saw some lines of poetry in bold black courier type on a woman's left shoulder blade - and was childishly impressed. But I don't have any outfits which reveal my own left shoulder blade.) 
I would like to stop stressing over stupid things that do not matter. (When one of the cats jumps up onto the kitchen worktop I will not shriek at it in fury - I will simply sigh and think calm thoughts. And disinfect the worktop for the twentieth time of the day!)
I would like to make it to the end of 2012 without turning forty - but I fear this one will be impossible!

New year's eve was grey and rainy, so we all had a pyjama day. The boys played on the Wii and trashed the house. I watched my Christmas DVDs of Downton Abbey and drank pink wine. Outside I could hear fireworks going off all through the day as hardier types than us celebrated the new year.  I fell asleep about half past midnight still listening to the explosions from outside - and with Murder at the Vicarage in my hand. Not the most adventurous way to begin 2012 - but I liked it!
Happy New Year.

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