Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I Heart Valentines Day!

We've all swapped pink and red cards. We've eaten foil-wrapped chocolate hearts for breakfast. Later, at dinner there will be pink wine (or Ribena for the boys.)
Hurrah! I've finally tracked down Sleeping Murder (for a romantic Valentine read!)

I got some new red shoes - they're the shiniest shoes I've ever seen!

Husband bought me a cute typewriter cushion to match my old typewriter.
(So  I can pretend to be Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote.)

I bought him more traditional gifts. Because he already has everything he wants (I refer to myself there, obviously)

I really do love Valentines Day. In fact the only occasion I enjoy more is Halloween - because it's slightly sillier and there's more dressing up involved. There are no irksome religious connotations to either of them - just the eating of chocolate, telling people you love them or dressing up as skeleton-pirates!

I usually enjoy my birthday too, of course...only this year it involves one of those numbers with a nought on the end - aaargh!

I helped the boys make hand-drawn, sparkly sequinned cards for some of the little girls at their school and we filled the envelopes with chocolate hearts. I'm having far more fun than they are imagining those cards being opened. Every year, when I was at infant school, I made a Valentine card for Andrew Holman (handsome son of the school secretary). He never sent me one back (sigh).
I'm making sure there's no chance of my own boys behaving in such a cavalier way!

(I didn't make this - I just saw it on Facebook and admired it!)

(Think my word count is around 51,000. I was delighted to get past 50,000 - especially during half-term week. 'Spect it's all down to that new cushion!)

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