Monday, 2 April 2012

Feeling fragile...

I wish I was a fragile blonde with pouty lips...

I've been feeling a bit fragile since my fabulous weekend away - too much excitement, rich food and champagne. High living doesn't look good on me at all. My face is pale and green, my hair is wigging out and I keep sighing after a luxurious lifestyle that I caught a glimpse of but cannot afford...

At least I still have the Burgh Island soap to remind me (the bathrobe wouldn't fit in my case).

And the gold seqinned dress that my mother-in-law bought me - although judging by the photos, I don't seem to have been able to wear it without adding a hopelessly goofy expression "Look at me - I've got gold sequins on!!!"

I also have this card which the barman brought to me on a silver salver. It was from my friend HH - who phoned the hotel and bought me a couple of birthday Bellinis (champagne and peach schnapps with a raspberry in the glass - matched my new dress exactly!)

But I'm back down to earth with a bump now. The boys have broken up for the easter holidays - and so far this morning I've spent an hour helping them to build a house and two boats out of Lego, watched a bit of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and cleaned the cooker. And after lunch, there will be ironing.

Wordcount has been hovering around 62,000 for a while I think...I seem to have run right out of steam. Perhaps I'll take a break, eat lots of chocolate eggs and return to it refreshed sometime in the second half of April.
Happy Easter!

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