Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Chocolate Day!

It's my favourite time of year - a time of chocolate eggs and spring flowers!

 Magnolias, camellias and anenomes...

I seem to have lost my writing mojo and my novel has stalled around 62,000. So I poured all my energy into this year's easter egg hunt instead. The boys had to plot co-ordinates on a graph, decipher codes and solve acrostics, wordsearches and crossword puzzles. Of course they complained bitterly, but I think they enjoyed it really (Ok, maybe not the youngest one so much - he just wanted his goddamn easter egg!)

Last week, I went out for a proper afternoon tea at an olde fashioned tea shoppe that my sister has discovered. There were lots of bone-handled cake knives, many-tiered cake plates and teacups made of china as thin as paper.

Well Walk Tea Rooms

It was a bit like eating scones and drinking home-made lemonade on a stage set. Personally, I was pretending to be Maggie Gyllenhaal in Nanny McPhee 2 - or perhaps Marion Cottillard - since I was wearing a flouncy gypsy skirt that I'd made myself and had very tousled hair. (Shouldn't think I actually looked like either of them, of course - it was more of a mood-thing!)

 And Marion Cotillard also looking a little bit tousled and vintagey...

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