Thursday, 12 April 2012

Springtime at the Roccocco Gardens

Yesterday we went to the Roccocco Gardens in Painswick. It's beautiful there whatever the season and we usually visit two or three times a year.
As we drove there yesterday, a hail storm thundered down on our car, but it stopped as we arrived and the sun came out. After a while we even took off our coats. Then, as we drove away, down came the hail again. Our visit was timed perfectly in between the two downpours.

All the photographs are of the Roccocco Gardens. Today was busy, but far less picturesque - so I'm simply going to include descriptions of some of the things I did today...

Today I...

Bumped into a good friend unexpectedly.

Hunted in FIVE different shops for a packet of Mini-eggs to go on the easter nest cakes we were planning to make.

Booked a Magic-Land party for my soon-to-be six year old.

Today I...

Accidently discovered that one of my friends has told a BIG lie to his wife (which made me feel bad).

Hid fifty-four tiny foil-wrapped eggs in the long wet grass and the dripping tree branches.

Switched to a different hairdresser (a man this time!)

Today I...

Ate THREE assorted chocolate easter cakes and drank three cups of coffee.

Bought a card for my husband that was so childishly RUDE it made me and the boys giggle hysterically in the card shop.

Showed a friend a photo of my wedding dress - which I wore almost a decade ago now! (It was cream and gold and embroidered with tiny seed pearls. It was also long and slim and - I hoped - Audrey Hepburnesque.)

Today I...

Bought three packets of seeds for sprinkling haphazardly - Candytuft, Love-in-a-Mist and Cornflowers.

Looked after a three year old for an hour - which made me appreciate just how BIG my boys are now.

Wondered for the twentieth time whether I ought to tell my sister that her new hairdo makes her look quite a lot like Grace Dent.

Today I...

Read my boys some chapters of the Faraway Tree stories - and was amazed how well I remembered it all (especially Dame snap and the Saucepan Man!)

Accidently crossed out almost an entire week of my diary that I havent actually lived yet.

Ate leftover cheese-and-pineapple-on-sticks for tea - Mmm!

Today I...

Danced with my boys to 'Moves like Jagger' which they seem to have on a loop.

Gave myself a tummyache with too much dancing and Easter party food.

Snuck off by myself for a few minutes and listened to 'I've been loving you too long' by Otis Redding - in an attempt to counteract all the Maroon Five.

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