Thursday, 14 June 2012

Home again...

Well, my advice is that you never ever try to drive anywhere on the first Saturday of a half-term/extra bank holiday/Jubilee weekend. Not EVER!
There wasn't much of our journey that wasn't spent in a barely-moving, nose-to-tail queue with a billion other motorists. It took us nine hours to drive to St Ives for our holiday. I don't think I've ever spent that long in the car before. My whole body was still shaped like the car seat for hours after!

View from the kitchen window

We had a lovely week away, though. And - although no one believes it - the weather was pretty good. We paddled in the sea every day. We sandcastled and fished with a net and played ball games on the beach. We bought a beach tent, we tangled our two kites irretrievably and we ate fish and chips, ice creams and cream teas almost every day. We got very, very sandy!

There's the nine year old and his father playing with their new blue ball.

There's soon-to-be-six running away.

And that's me striding in manfully (although I probably ran back even faster than soon-to-be-six a second later!)

And it was good to get away from texts, wifi (and the Jubilee) and all the little routines like bedtime, bathtime and sensible meals at regular times. The boys fell asleep watching their favourite DVDs with sandy legs and chocolatey ice-cream faces.
Not only did I not bring my work-in-progress with me, I neither missed it nor thought about it. In fact, I feel a bit stupid now for imagining that I might've had need of it while at the seaside.

 I suppose the only time it came into my consciousness, was when I was lusting after the stylish apartments or posh houses built along the coastal path and wishing I was Stephen King or J K Rowling so that I could afford one of my own. I bet Stephen King and J K Rowling don't have to spend nine hours driving to the seaside. Oh no - they probably go by helicopter - to a fully-furnished house - where their servants feed them on lobsters covered in edible gold-leaf. Or something.

We all fell in love with this one - Shun Lee House - a snip at one and a half million with Knight Frank!

Or what about this one? It's super cool and it's only a million pounds! It's right on Porthmeor beach (by the Tate) and it's with
 Miller and Son.

 Dreaming aside however, we actually stayed at Tremorna Vista - overlooking the beach at Carbis Bay. And it suited us just fine!

This is the view I woke up to every morning. I don't think I closed those curtains once!
One night, some people gathered on the beach and set off dozens of those paper lanterns and let them drift out to sea in the darkness - just like the scene from 'Tangled'. It was lovely!

 On our last Saturday, we got up at 5.30am and started piling everything into the car in order to beat the terrible weekend traffic. Turned out there wasn't any. Our drive home took about three and a half hours and we were back in Cheltenham in time for breakfast. I still say we'll think twice before holidaying out of term-time again though!

Sunday was my littlest boy's birthday party. Six at last - after almost everyone else in Yellow Class!
We took our (still faintly sandy selves) over to Magicland in Cirencester for fun on the slides and ballpits with a dozen of his classmates.
In lots of ways he's still my little boy. He still gets into bed with me every morning for a cuddle...he's still got fluffy yellow hair like an easter chick...he's still got tiny little hands I hold when we're crossing the road and he still smells like my baby boy when I bury my nose in the back of his neck.
But really he's a big boy now. After my morning cuddle, he goes downstairs to play on the Wii...he never falls asleep on car journeys anymore (even the nine hour ones)...I don't have to pretend to let him win running races or board games (instead, I'm trying to teach him how to be a good loser by example)...he's mastering the fine art of sarcasm...and look, he has trendy new big-boy trainers...

Easily as pretty as girl's shoes...


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