Sunday, 24 June 2012

Rose-tinted spectacles

After noticing there was a chunk missing from my right lens, I finally I replaced my old glasses with the Jarvis-style geeky glasses I've been a-hankering after. I'm really pleased with them - although I'm not I'm not nearly as learned as they make me look...

Here's the traditional 'Attempting to look like a Writer Pose' with new glasses and rose covered laptop. My decoupage also features Spooky Lenore and Hello Kitty (I did this before I turned 40 - although I was old enough to know better.) I thought it was pretty, but my sister denounced it as "Well Emo!"

I also got a special deal on these sunglasses with tiny roses in the frame. I have been wearing them for the five minute breaks in between all the showers of rain...

A fleeting ray of sunshine on the patio.

Wordcount has c-r-e-a-k-e-d up to 85,000.

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