Sunday, 29 July 2012

Heat wave...

We spent most of the first week of the summer holidays in our pyjamas. We got up late, ate when we felt like it and generally lounged about. Bliss!

On Monday, I made an apple pie - which we ate cold with vanilla ice-cream, mmm.

On Tuesday we went to La Rocca for chocolate fudge brownies, coffee and apple juice, mm-mmm.

On Wednesday we went to the activity park in Broadway - and the boys got hot and sweaty!

On Thursday I dragged them around the shops. At the vintage market I bought a summery skirt with lemons on it...

..and struggled to find citrus-sy accessories to go with it. I don't usually do brights, but this week the sunshine went to my head!

The boys got new Lego, Playdoh, some DVDs, two footballs and a couple of bubble-blowing-guns to keep them occupied for the next five weeks. Oh - and some new watercolour pencils. There's not much we get more excited about than new - untouched - colouring pencils!

On Friday we were visited by both sets of grandparents and a cousin - it was extremely noisy in the garden. The paddling pool was filled and one of the new footballs was somehow lost (no one owned up - but the cousin was suspected!) Later one of the boys from next door came round to join in - and they used the water from the paddling pool to create a giant mudslide on the lawn - it was horrendous!

Already I miss, miss, miss my writing, but I've been finding the time to read new books on my kindle and make the odd note if I read anything especially inspiring (I'm assembling ideas for September!)
I have been working my way through Christina Courtenay's back catalogue - I've finished Trade Winds and I've started The Silent Touch of Shadows. I've also been downloading lots of free samples to help me decide what I'll read next. So far I've sampled these...

...and enjoyed them all! It's been a happy week!

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