Friday, 20 July 2012

Ooooh - kindle!

I just won a kindle - look.
It's lovely. I'm absolutely captivated by it. I didn't believe that anyone would actually send me a kindle for FREE like that. But the publishing company Choc-Lit just did.
First they sent me an email announcing that they were going to send me a kindle and I assumed they weren't really going to - it was a cunning ploy to get hold of my banking details somehow (although I didn't really see how) and steal all my money. But no they really wanted to send me a kindle.

Christina Courtenay

I was lurking on Christina Courtenay's website - not only because I want to be her - but also because she's just published a time-slip book called The Silent Touch of Shadows and I was wondering if it was anything like the one I'm attempting to write. They're not much alike - but once I'd started reading the excerpt from hers, I wanted to read the rest. It was excellent!
It was still a few days until its release date, though, so the quickest way of getting my hands on the rest of it seemed to be by entering her kindle and books competition. Which I promptly did. Without actually expecting to win, of course!

I lurk on a lot of writer's websites, looking for inspiration and attempting to discover all the ways my life might be transformed if I was to become a real writer. For instance, they all have far more glamorous shoes than I do. I've seen photos of Christina Courtenay in towering, pillar-box-red monster stilettoes and up-to-the-knee pale purple boots - and both pairs made me writhe with envy.

I honestly never expected her to send me a free kindle, though. And it makes me feel as if amazing things can happen after all! So why shouldn't I be published one day, hmm?

Apart from Christina Courtenay's novels, the first book I downloaded (this morning - in about two seconds - amazing!) was Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I'm only a few chapters in and it's already made me weep unrestrainedly. I want to be Jojo Moyes too - I'm going to go and look for pictures of her shoes!

I'm also fascinated by the screensavers on my new kindle. They're stylish black-and-white photographs of pens, pencils, typewriter keys, swirls of calligraphy - all things writerly. One day - when I'm a real writer - I shall have a real writer's study with a big desk and a leather chair. Two or three of the walls will be lined with bookshelves, of course - but the other one will hold row after row of these framed screensaver shots...


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