Sunday, 19 August 2012


Yes, my sister's birthday meant it was time for more domestic goddess-ery from me.

I made (slightly messy) mini quiches and a tower of carrot cupcakes (again slightly messy - it's a motif dontcha-know!)

One of my sister's friends had organised a surprise garden party for her with the additional surprise element of Venetian masks and elaborate feathered headdresses. So when my sister arrived and stepped out into the garden, she was doubly surprised! We all jumped out and clapped and cheered and shouted "Happy Birthday!" And she had no idea who we were...

This is me in magnificent Vegas Showgirl-type red feathers and some sort of sequinned and feathered owl mask type-thing.
Here are the boys - in their element, of course!

Husband getting into character...

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