Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Little Extra Colour

I've been spending some time reading the blogs of YA writers Laini Taylor and Stephanie Perkins. Not only are the entries fun to read - sometimes funny or moving or silly or thought-provoking - they also support the theory that real people can be published writers.

They really do sound just like real people!
There's only one obvious difference between them and me - they have brighter hair. This weekend I decided that even if I couldn't be a published writer, I was damn well going to look like one. So my hair now matches my pillow cases...

Other people's reactions are quite good fun. Some people are complimentary, some are downright rude - almost all of them laugh. The children in my 9 year old's class have no qualms about laughing hysterically right in my face - it's strangely inoffensive laughter when it comes from nine year olds, though. The children in my 6 year old's class are liable not to notice at all - I think they still identify people from their eyes or faces - like babies do.
Lots of people have suggested I'm trying to look like Jane Goldman...
...And they would be right! Since she's yet another excellent writer with really loud hair. So that's what I've been up to this week - teasing my new hair and scrubbing pink dye off the bath. And the shower. And the sink. And all the towels *sigh*
Oh, yes! Handy writing tips - I haz em!


  1. Awesome! I wish I was brave enough to try something as bright. I usually stick to a rather boring shade of er... brown. Was pondering some reddish highlights, maybe I should go for it?

  2. Thanks - I don't think it has much to do with bravery though, as I'm the world's biggest coward. You should go for it - new hair will always give you a lift. The level of brightness you choose depends on how many times you want to hear the phrase 'mid-life-crisis-hair' in any one day!