Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Look how cold and frosty it was this morning!
My bedroom is up in the attic, so my morning view is of glittering white rooftops and clouds of steam curling into the sky from all the heating vents near everyone's roofs. And every night I'm convinced I'll get up early and take glittering white pictures of frozen leaves and trees at the park which is less than a minute away from our house. I wouldn't even need to get dressed - I could put a coat on over my pjs and slip out. And yet...every morning I look out at the icy rooftops...and I think "Brrr...I'll do it some other morning..."

It's never going to happen. I live in the land of  'Always meaning-to-do-things.'
Look - here's one of the sun coming up. Although I doubt the photo's big enough to have captured all the rising, coiling steam. I love my room being so high up. During my teens I lived in a basement flat and hated it. Dark, damp - mildewy - ugh! - and always so many feet! Dozens of different feet passing by the windows - and never any idea of what their owners looked like.

Later on - by 8.30 or 9 o'clock - the days have all been turning grey, rainy and dreich. The six year old has a cold and the nine year old is down with his annual tonnsilitis. They're both being pretty stoical, though. Lots of indoor days and art projects. I love art projects even more than I love living up among the rooftops!

I'm helping the nine year old to draw pencil sketches of the monsters of ancient Greece. There's been lots of shading, cross-hatching, finger-smudging effects and some pen and ink work. We've been having a lovely time! So far we've done Medusa, the Minotaur, a Sphinx and a Cyclops - and he's working on the Hydra from his sick-bed. (Ok, he's supposed to be - he's probably playing Super Mario under the covers.)
Meanwhile, the six year old spent four days of the last half term working on a poster to advertise his school's Christmas Fair. The headmaster presented him with an advent calender, a big box of colouring pencils and an artist's sketchbook for all his hard work. The best bit is spotting the poster stuck up all around the school and in the windows of the local shops #proud#

Aha! The local church is having a Festival of Decorated Christmas Trees - which means our next project is already underway. And this time there are to be lashings of papier mache and air-drying clay involved before we even get the paints out. Ooh - and glitter! I'll post the results when they're done.

(I'm quite prepared to hide my religious skepticism in my pursuit of a fresh art project. Although I'm not sure the prize'll be up to much - for our Lord is notoriously mean.)

So, lots of christmassy fairs and festivals afoot already. Husband and self have already been busy on the internet and each day the postman brings another rain-sodden parcel for me to hide in the airing cupboard. There are some DVDs, computer gadgetry, plush Mario toys and a couple of dangerous-looking chemistry sets.

I'm gloating over this stash so excitedly, I can't help wondering whether I actually brought two children into the world in order to build up a secret cache of stocking fillers - and pursue my love of art projects...
There must be finer and nobler reasons for having children, but they're eluding me right now. Maybe I'll Google them later on.

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