Thursday, 8 November 2012


It's been a week since Halloween or as I remember it 'The Rainiest Night of the Year' - and my own two monsters, Dracula and "Frankingstein" collected so much loot that they still have one or two cola flavoured lollipops, Maoams and packets of chocolate buttons left to eat.
Ordinarily, I don't believe it's quite right to publish children's faces on the internet, but since both the boy's best friends and their grandparents failed to recognise them in the above guises, I don't think I have to worry in this instance.
(Actually the nine year old gives me that look of icy murderousness whenever I ask him to do pretty much anything!)
And this is how me and the other mums were feeling by the end of the evening...

In other news, I'm getting much better feedback since I started submitting my ms as an adult novel. Yesterday, Catherine Saunders from Curtis Brown wrote that " stood out from the many we receive," and asked if there was anything else I was working on that I could send (nope - but it's a great incentive for me to get cracking.)
I know, I know - it's still a rejection and may even be a form letter, after all it doesn't cost Curtis Brown anything to be nice to people - it's good PR. But it cheered me up no end - I think most aspiring writers can find encouragment in almost anything!
Two friends from my writing group have recently epublished their books and they look so beautiful I'm feeling very tempted to do the same...

Anyone fancy a twisty murder mystery?

Or a true historical crime?

I'm lusting after a pretty cover, my name in swirly letters and a writer's page on Amazon *swoon*

Of course I can't epublish while I'm still in the middle of the submissions process, but I'm beginning to see it as something to look forward to - rather than a last resort. In fact, my sister who is an artist, has already started sending me cover ideas. She's drafted a black and white picture with stormy seas...rugged rocks...a ship in full sail...lines of old fashioned handwriting across the sky...and of course the title in huge engraved letters. It made me go all tingly! *swoons some more*

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  1. Cute costumes! Glad to hear you are feeling more positve. The agents letter is very encouraging. Keep going, Helen :)


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