Sunday, 23 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

The kitchen table is groaning under the weight of biscuits, cake and alcohol. School has broken up - there's no more homework, no more drama lessons or cross-country running through the rain - and husband is home from work. All weekend we've been lounging in pyjamas, eating sweets or biscuits and watching christmas telly. The boys have spent a great deal of time making angry birds from polymer clay and baking them in the oven. The six year old has made mince pies with me - and a trifle with his father. The nine year old has been learning all the words to Gangnam Style in Korean - apart from the 'sexy lay-dee - sexy layyy-dee' bit obviously. I keep getting sudden head-rushes of manic happiness that make me want to sing or twirl around the room like a loon!

I know several people who genuinely dread christmas for reasons which are pretty much beyond their control. My own children will probably get tired and grumpy. Various family members always turn up and behave rudely or tactlessly (they know who they are - bastards!) This makes me even more determined to appreciate the good bits! And so far this christmas has been excellent!

I'm including the gingerbread biscuits we made for the teachers because I'm especially proud of the way they turned out - even if we didn't get to eat them. Sparkly stars, speckled hearts and iced flowers - should ensure another term of exemplary marks for the boys, in spite of the minimal effort they so often put in.
I have to go and eat more chocolate now - HAPPY CHRISTMAS XXX

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