Friday, 7 December 2012

Deep pan crisp and even

Look - it's a little pizza tree!
This is our entry in the Festival of the Decorated Christmas Trees. I haven't seen all the other entries yet, but we're up against stiff competition from the Olympic tree which has photos of the various athletes stuck onto gold, silver or bronze baubles depending which medals they won. Damn, that was a good idea!

We've been making pizzas for a few weeks now - here they are drying under the radiator. The dough is papier mache and the toppings are air-drying clay. Yum!

Here's the star made of individual slices.

Tomato and pepperoni
Prawn and pineapple

Mushroom and chilli

Yesterday evening we all wrapped up against the frosty night air and carried our tree and our pizzas down to the local church, where carols were being practised and other families were decorating their own trees. One was decorated with fans, another with bells, yet another with tiny toys, and one with wooden decorations from Scandinavia - it was all wonderfully christmassy!
So christmassy in fact, that it inspired me to make a christmas cake - look at this monster...


 I lugged a ton of dried fruit back from the Co-op and soaked it in rum - even the fumes were enough to make me a bit giddy!
 An entire boxful of blown eggshells for a future craft project. Blowing the yolks out was fun at first, but by the sixth egg my lips felt horribly vibratey!
 Here's the nine year old helping to stir...
 ...and here the nine year old isn't
(having got bored after 3 seconds and sodding off back to his Wii)
There - ready for a mere four or five hours baking in the oven! Right, I'm off to dust off the holly wreath for the front door...ho ho ho etc...

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  1. Oh wow those pizzas look great. This sounds like a wonderful idea I bet the kids love it! Big kids too of course!