Thursday, 17 January 2013

Artistic endeavours

I've been alternating my writing with preparing (or cleaning up) lots of messy, painty art projects for my new after-school Art Club over the last couple of weeks.
My first attempt at being an art teacher was on the 7th. It involved twelve 9-10 year olds, one six year old, a dozen fluorescent marbling inks, four trays of water and a shitload of MESS.
We did marbling...
Even after it was over, I still had no idea whether they (or I) had enjoyed it - or whether it had gone OK. I was too preoccupied with - "Oh, no - the ink's running out and someone's spilled something and are we over-running or under-running and where the hell am I going to put all these dripping, oily sheets of paper?"
But the next day, lots of the children and their parents said they HAD enjoyed it, so I began to think that maybe I had too.
And we didn't just marble paper, oh no!

I bought some crap from the charity shop and we marbled that too. A couple of the boys were so inspired by the marbled eggs that they asked if our second Art Club session could be egg-based.
Which was pretty irresistible.
So, on the 14th I made twelve children (the thirteenth child being too wussy) poke holes in eggs and blow the yolks out. Both revolting and fun. Oh, and messy AGAIN.
Then they painted the shells...
Wooo - scary zombie egg
Angry (and bemused) Bird eggs
Toothless crocodile egg
Happy eggs driving trains
Stripey eggs
Ha ha ha...
Floral eggs crying baby and cool old man eggs. Because...well, why not really?

I relaxed a bit more and actually enjoyed the second class. The children are all helpful, friendly and fun. And - more importantly - there is now rather more to me than simply being an 'Unpublished Writer'. That's right - I'm an Unpublished Writer with an art club. You may well look impressed!