Friday, 25 January 2013


Finally there was snow!

To the boys' delight, the school was closed and the husband couldn't get to work. It was like christmas - but better because we didn't have to see all the family members or spend a frikkin fortune! There were pyjama days, computer games and much dashing about in the snow and flinging it at each other. On the first day we wrapped up and walked down to the local cafe to find it heaving with people. All hatted and gloved and earmuffed - and all having toasted teacakes, toasted sandwiches and frothy cups of hot chocolate.
Like me, everyone was clearly pretending to be in Switzerland.

My writing has slowed right down again - because nobody writes in imaginary Switzerland!  Besides I've been too busy cooking heartening beef stews, cinnamon and raisin buns and giant bowls of porridge. What is it about snow that makes me want to eat so much?

Currently, the writing is a bit of a slog. I seem to be at an I-Hate-It stage.
I've done around 20,000 words and all my initial impetus has worn away and I'm left plodding away at a story without really knowing where I'm heading or who any of the characters are yet. Perhaps I ought to have planned better. Or perhaps I ought to go and sell shoes. Self-doubt aplenty! That's one of the many I-Hate-It stages. I expect there'll be more before it's finished.

Also - I'm having a go at fantasy this time and I'm finding it far harder to suspend my disbelief (and keep it suspended) when writing, rather than reading, anything magical. Maybe it's not the right genre for me after all...

But most of my favourite authors have admitted to their own I-Hate-It stages. Neil Gaiman and Laini Taylor (both fantastic fantasy writers) have written of their own My-Book-Sucks moments. Surely neither of them could never - ever - have written anything sucky!
So, as much as you need a certain amount of imagination and a feel for words to succeed as a writer - perhaps it's every bit as important that you also have plenty of cussedness. I bet lots of super-talented writers have never been published simply because they lacked the blind faith that their book would eventually be finished. And that however much it sucked in the early stages, they would eventually be able to make it better.
In fact, I think I know one or two writers like that!

I now have two weeks left of January to keep trudging doggedly away at it until I reach my 30,000 target. Hopefully I'll find a way to re-inspire myself as I go...

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  1. Hope your inspiration returns, Helen. I have been struggling of late to get words down. I have ideas but lack of time and illness have thawted my efforts. Oh well hopefully things will improve soon. We had one day of snow but not enough to shut anything down but it did look very pretty.


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