Sunday, 24 February 2013

Warning - wedding post!

Not me, sadly - I got married ten years ago and on most days I'd make the same choice!

No, in two weeks from today my brother-in-law will be marrying his girlfriend of the last ten years, so the whole family is growing steadily more excited.

I have bought a crumply little viscose jacket from Ghost and a DKNY sequinned skirt that looks like a mermaids tail. Ok, ok, so they're second-hand - ahem, vintage! But I do have these brand new shoes from Dune...

I only visited the Dune website to sneak a peek at the bride's shoes and somehow came away having ordered these oxblood coloured heels that I thought looked a little bit Jazz-agey. When they arrived, they turned out to be so high that my entire foot slid down into the toe - like Cinderella's ugly sisters trying on the glass slipper - in reverse.

Oh, and the bride? She'll be wearing these shoes decorated with both sequins and crystals - but which still manage to be pretty classy-looking.

The boy's outfits arrived last week and are still in tissue paper. They include pristine chinos, woollen cricket sweaters and two pairs of palest grey converse. I think we're all aware these items will all be destroyed after a single outing!

Today, the husband has been working on his best man's speech, which features many useful tips he's learned from his own marriage, such as... "Ensure you never forget your forgetting it once." and "She also says I never listen to her...or something like that."
And so it goes on. But there'll be alcohol handy by this stage of the proceedings.

Yesterday we spent ages poring over the wedding list and decided to buy the happy couple some sort of kitchenalia/piece of modern art by Alessi (still not sure what it is - but guessing fruit bowl) After an hour of this, husband's brain had become so softened, he also ordered a pestle and mortar and a toasted sandwich maker for our own kitchen. Both of which are destined to be used only once, then put into a cobwebby cupboard.

Haircuts next week. I'm booked in on Monday for a cut, blowdry and 'fashion-colour'. The boys will be trimmed after school on Wednesday. Yep, I'm even managing to be excited about our wedding haicuts!

There will now follow lots of lovely swooshy wedding photos from the Lou, Boos and Shoes site - because that's the mood I'm in.
So deal with it!



  1. Aww a little romance, that's nice. Those bridal shoes are GORGEOUS!

    1. Yay - Suzanne's back!
      Thanks for commenting and I hope it's all going OK with you xx


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