Sunday, 17 March 2013

Things making me happy this week...

Making butterfly cakes with the Six-year old. Mmm - sticky!
Memories of last Saturday's wedding.
Of course, I'd have more than memories if I'd bothered to take a few photos. I suspect I must've been having a nice time instead (hate it when that happens!)
Mother's day flowers in the sunshine.
...And my new glittery editing notebook from Mr Disney. I ordered one for the Six-year old while he was poorly and added an extra one for myself (Did I mention how sparkly it is?) Not only does this NOT really help me with my editing in any way - I am also thirty years too old to own it (at least!)
Ah, well..
This week's wordcount is 6,800 words cut. Although I have no real idea whether that's good or not. (Still so weird to be forcing my wordcount down instead of up!) 


  1. I went to a wedding too recently and forgot my camera! Glad you had a lovely time though and got to wear your fab shoes.

    Way to go with the editing, keep going.

  2. Ha! Those fab shoes caused me more foot-pain than I've had since I broke a toe and my whole foot went black. They made me HOBBLE! And yet I'll probably wear them again, since my fabness-V-agony priorities are all wrong. Always nice to hear from you, Suzanne xx


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