Friday, 19 April 2013

In the words of Bella Swan...

"Ugh, it's disgusting - I'm going out with an old, old, OLD man!"

Hahaha - husband has finally joined me on the wrong side of forty!
We were planning to book a room in a hotel or a pub for a birthday party - we were considering the different buffet menus and comparing prices - when husband caught sight of a new piece of computer gadgety that he absolutely had to have. It was so expensive it made my eyes bleed, but it was what he really wanted and he cancelled all the party plans without a qualm. After all who needs friends when there are new computery-things on the market? (Not men, that's for sure!)

So the giant party became a much smaller gathering at home for which self and six year old made a very sparkly 'forty' decoration that included forty-years-worth of photos.
I also spent the week spring-cleaning bits of my house that hadn't seen the business-end of a duster in years. I polished the front door knocker, letterbox and number...I planted little violas in tubs at each side of the door...I bought flowers and arranged them artistically throughout the this...

I also cunningly arranged bowls of pot-pourri scented with an oil called 'Fragrance of Fresh Flowers' so it wasn't immediately obvious that I'd bought bargain flowers with no smell!

Sometimes the preparations for a party are almost as much fun as the actual party.
There was cooking too...I made quiches, a strawberry meringue thing and a giant pink carrot cake...

It was lucky that I enjoyed the preparations, because in the event, no one could've cared less whether the house was clean and tidy - or there were individual vegetarian quiches. Beer and crisps would've been fine!
It was lovely to see everyone. Our guests included lots of middle-aged men who have known my husband since he used to make me mix-tapes of the Cure - and dress like this...

Eventually, they all got drunk enough to put the Cure on again...and my husband went into the kitchen and got all tearful. "Boys Don't Cry," I reminded him...but his answer was largely incoherent. I think he had a nice time.


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  1. Oh Happy Birthday to your hubby. I love that forty years in photos idea I will bank that one for future use! I'm married to a 50 year old, now that is old!