Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Lovely covers...

On my last trip to Waterstones with the boys, I bought this book - Smith.

It's a childrens' book, but my boys didn't want it - they were only interested in buying more Beast Quest books (and now Sea Quest too...groan) I bought it simply because I liked the cover so much.
"Ah," said my husband, in the tone of someone who has just thought up a completely original piece of wisdom, "you should never judge a book by its cover."
But I did and he was wrong. Smith was well-written and quite good fun. So I may judge more books by their covers in future!

This is the cover of the new Neil Gaiman - which I love. And now I'm even more excited about reading it than I would've been otherwise. (Which was still extremely excited!)

In the past, I've bought copies of The Graveyard Book for two different friends - and although they were both adult friends, I went out of my way to buy the copies with children's covers because they're much better than the adult's versions. Chris Ridell's illustrations are so brilliant I'm going to have to include some more from inside...

(I think these show exactly how Silas, Liza and the Jacks looked!)

I also saw a picture of the cover for the new Donna Tartt book - and I was glad it was so stylish because one edition of The Secret History had the cheesiest cover ever - marvel at how tacky it looked...

When I was on holiday one year, I bought two books because they both had floaty, summery vintage dresses on the covers. One of them became much-loved and much-read. The other...meh-not-so-much...(I'd still happily take the cover on holiday, though.)

When I was younger, the brightest book on my shelf was Junk by Melvin Burgess - which I loved! And I've discovered that all the different editions have similarly cool covers...

So, what are my all-time favourite covers?
Well, I'm going for my all-time favourite author on this one...



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  1. We definitely do judge a book by its cover, its the first thing we see and it has to catch our eye. I agree that 'Smith' cover looks fab.