Saturday, 18 May 2013

Five things making me happy this week

Art Club eggshells now displayed on a small tree
 in the school reception area. Probably a smashed-egg-calamity waiting to happen.

1. Art Club
I've moved on to the second group of ten-year-olds who signed up for my Art Club - so I'm re-covering all the same projects but with a much better idea of what I'm doing this time round. It's made me a whole lot more confident and I can barely remember how nervous I was at the start. (I was very nearly late this week - that's how cool and laissez-faire about it I am now.)
Anyway, this group is almost entirely made up of girls - whereas the last one was boy-heavy. Girls make a much shriller sound when they're in a pack, but are really easy to manage. Boys do not sit still - they fidget. They play with the blinds and switch the lights on and off. They throw pencils at each other and go through the rubbish in the bin *yuk*.
This week, the girls sat completely still and spent much of the lesson talking about Johnny Depp - which is a development I can only approve of. In fact, I'm hoping to introduce Robert Downey Jr next week.
Unexpectedly though, I've found the girls to be messier than the boys. Maybe all the extra focus and enthusiasm means they really like to get their hands dirty. And also the tables and chairs. And their school uniforms (sigh).

2. Tate Lichtenstein
Husband has booked tickets to see the Lichtenstein exhibition before it closes, which made me go so far as to perform an actual Happy Dance. I'd barely hinted at all. I might've sighed and said "Wasn't it a shame that the exhibition was closing before many interested parties had been to see it?" And I might've reminded him Lichtenstein was one of my favourite artists. But apart from that, I'd hardly mentioned it. I suppose the two of us must have some sort of psychic bond.
One of the Art Club lessons featured Lichtenstein-style self-portraits, complete with cartoon thought-clouds or speech bubbles and rows of Ben-Day dots. But one of the teachers pinned them all up on the wall before I'd had the chance to photograph them for my blog. Because - yes - that's how good they were!

3. New Shoes
An important meeting next week has necessitated the purchase of New Shoes. Oh, all right then - the important meeting has provided me with an excuse to purchase New Shoes - God, I heart New Shoes!
The shoes are made of shininess, leather and awesome. They are also very twenties-style, which means that after the important meeting I will be able to go straight on to a party at the Great Gatsby's house. Or maybe just bowling.
The shoes were so expensive that my entire family will have to exist on soup and potatoes until at least August. So I take every step with a mixture of guilt and shiny-assed, twenties-style glee!

4. Gloucester docks
This afternoon, we spent some time wandering around Gloucester docks, looking at all the boats and the old redbrick warehouses. I'm trying to write a scene set near a river and the six-year-old had been invited to a party at a wall-climbing-warehouse near to the docks, so a wander around seemed like a good idea. Maybe trips that aren't really planned as trips often turn out to be the best ones - I had no idea I'd enjoy it so much. We saw dilapidated old barges, stylish wooden sailing boats and big white PDiddy-style yachts. There were lifting and turning bridges, a lighthouse boat and a ginormous dredger. Not sure how much of it I'll use in my river scene. As a general rule, I think it's best to only use about 25% of anything you've researched in a description or it reads as if you're trying too hard.

5. And...blossom.
The garden is currently full of buds and blossom. It's all very pastel and sugary out there - like a wedding. There's wisteria, clematis and cherry blossom. There have also been glimpses of that strange, unfamiliar yellow light sometimes referred to as "sunshine"...



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  1. I just love the cherry blossom. Unfortunately most of it has blown off the trees over the last week because of all the wind and rain! Brighter today though so really should get out and go for a walk but there is so much writing I want to be doing!


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