Monday, 23 December 2013

Bad guys

God, I love holidays!
We've hardly been out of our PJs since I collected the boys from school on Friday. I don't even feel guilty about it, since the rain's been battering against the window the whole time.
Meals have mostly been made up of chocolates, nuts and fancy cheeses. I have books and DVDs and plenty of wine. Feel as if I could go on like this indefinitely...

I've just started reading the Lies of Locke Lamora - mostly because of the title, but after that because I couldn't stop reading when I'd raced through the Kindle free sample. Locke Lamora is a master of disguise and the leader of a tight-knit band of thieves called the Gentleman Bastards. The opening chapters are full of brilliantly vivid descriptions and characters who are both hilarious and horrifying. And so far, Locke Lamora himself seems to be the most unashamedly dishonest hero I've ever encountered. I love bad guy heroes.
In fiction - obviously.
Real life bad guys are infinitely resistible - and I only ever want to smack them. In their faces.

Yesterday, we went to see Frozen, which my seven-year-old assured me I'd like even more than Tangled...

And while, I did enjoy it. Tangled remains my favourite Disney film because of Flynn Rider.
Best bad guy hero ever! The bad guy in Frozen is only an average bad guy - and never heroic. He duly ends up on the floor with his head in a bucket. And the good guy hero fails to save the day or rescue the princess. If anything Frozen is a cautionary tale about all men. What the critics say is true, though - the snowman really is awesome!

Still haven't seen Hunger Games II yet - we're saving it for ten-year-old's birthday at the start of 2014...but it's good to have something left to look forward to on the other side of Christmas.

Now that I've started thinking about bad guy heroes, I'm  realising that all my favourite films have one... 
Pirates of the Caribbean with Captain Jack Sparrow. Ultimate bad guy hero.

The Princess Bride. In which Westley becomes a pirate in order to marry his true love.

The Mask of Zorro. Featuring Alejandro - thief, adventurer and bandit.

Dangerous Liasons with the Vicomte de Valmont - bad, bad, bad.
The Italian Job. Film about a lovable bank robber.

And True Romance.
When Clarence falls in love with Alabama, does he settle down...
Or does he shoot her pimp, steal a load of cocaine and try to sell it?
Hmm...judging by the photos, it also seems as if my taste in films is guided largely by fabulous costumes. How very shallow I am. I feel as if I ought to add that my all time favourite film is La Haine - the gritty, black and white, French film about social problems*. There, my credibility is restored. 
(*It isn't my favourite film really. I fell asleep after ten minutes, pirates.)
Other things I've been enjoying over the last few days include...
Silver balls and edible glitter...
Here's ten-year-old decorating festive biscuits. And the table.
And - eventually - most of the kitchen. Sparkletastic!

And here's a card that arrived from my agent which includes the line - 'Here's to 2014 - the year of the book deal I hope!'
Which made me go all emotional. Not least, because I still can't believe I've got an actual agent. When I hear from her out of the blue like this, it feels like landing an agent all over again. Every time! 
And then there's this penguin.
Of course Husband could have gone to his 'movie star' office party as someone charming and suave.
Like Jack Sparrow...Zorro...or the Vicomte de Valmont...or even Charlie Croker.
But who did he choose?
That penguin from Happy Feet, that's who.


  1. Well who doesn't love a festive penguin? Looks like lots of fun being had by all. A very Merry Christmas to you. Let's hope this battering weather calms soon, been without power for two whole hours today just as about to start cooking dinner. Still the candle light was very relaxing.

  2. I love being able to relax in my pjs during the holidays too (and any other chance I get. I adore my pjs). Haven't seen Frozen yet but REALLY want to!