Sunday, 12 January 2014

Cool blogging...

Not only is this my 100th blog post, it's also my first post of 2014.
So. Much. Pressure.

First, I tried thinking up some resolutions - because that's what other bloggers do.
But it turns out I'm not really the resolute type. I can't even be bothered to look back at any previous resolutions I may've made just to see whether I kept them or not. (So probably not.)

I am sort of quietly determined, but I don't have one of those sergeant-majory inner voices that can shout, 'Get out there and make it happen, God dammit!' At least, not without several other inner voices sniggering and persuading me to make a sandwich or lie down for a nap instead.

I think I prefer wishes to resolutions. The aims can be far greater (I wish for magical shoes!) and the effort involved is minimal.

Secondly, I tried looking back over 2013 and listing my greatest achievements. But that was far too depressing - I had to go for another sandwich and a lie down.

Then, I thought maybe if I waited a while, something interesting would happen and I could write about that...
But nothing did

I'm not a quitter, though, so I waited longer.
The only thing that happened was that Blogger removed my ability to upload photographs...aaargh!

So, this really is going to be a shit post now, isn't it?

The only option left is to try to embrace the lack of content and pictures. My first post of 2014 is going to be on one of those stylish, black and white, minimalist blogs. You know, with Courier font and lots of empty white...

...spaces. After all, those blogs are the coolest, right?

And if Blogger does get round to fixing the problem with the photos, I can always slip in some arty sepia-tinted photos with captions that are cool and mysterious, deeply poetic and quite often veer dans une autre langue...

'Until the end of her life, she wore a thick black veil.'
'And what did he do?'
'He left cards on all Paris, on which he had written "mille regrets".'

Yep, that was the only image I managed to upload before my blog broke. I've tried switching to Chrome and I've tried going in through draft.blogger - neither of which worked. So all I can say now is...voeux pour la nouvelle année...


  1. Oh Helen your wit cheers me on this grey and rainy day, I like your attitude and the post was not Sh*t. Sorry about the gremlins in blogger, I've had issues with photos in the past, it seemed to right itself after a few days so maybe the same will happen for you. A while ago, when I was having issues with some of the widgets on my blog, I started loading in Chrome (suggested by someone who knows far more than I do on these things!) and that righted things but it works in Internet Explorer again now as well so can't say I understand any of it!

    Hope other than that the new year is treating you well x

  2. I love you for calling it 'wit' when everyone else uses the word 'grumpiness' xxx


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