Thursday, 22 May 2014

Home-made colour

Finally - some summery weather! I was so excited when the sun appeared, I started taking pictures of the evening skies from my bedroom window. There have been lots of melting ice-lolly colours and drama-queen clouds. And the inevitable collage ensued...

I think that's 'Tall Trees Road' in the background...but I have only my husband's word for this. If he's asked any kind of question and he sees an obvious answer, he lies with a totally straight face. Once, when he couldn't be bothered to remember the names of all the other women in my ante-natal group, he simply made up names that he thought suited them. During conversations, he'd say stuff like, "What do you think of Cassandra's plan for a water-birth?" And I was really glad he'd learnt all their names because it freed up my memory for all the important pain-relief information I was trying to cope with. Of course there was always going to be a session (that he didn't come to) when I addressed everyone there by a totally made-up name. And when I asked him about it later -in utter bewilderment - he laughed so hard he rolled right off the bed and fell on the floor #bastard.

And here's the sunshine trying to squeeze in through the front door. I forget how much I like the stained glass during the grey winter weather. It's part of a lovely Arts and Crafts type of door and I chose it all myself. I bought a book full of stained glass designs and decided on birds and curling vines. My first sketches involved an elaborate tree filled with dozens of fluttering birds. When I took my drawings to the stained glass man, he burst out laughing and quoted me about eighteen thousand pounds. So I simplified. But even with only two birds and a handful of leaves, choosing little rectangles of glass - holding them up to the light or arranging the different colours side-by-side - was one of my favourite projects ever. Even better than paint charts!

Far less grand, is this heart of buttons threaded onto wire. I only made it because I was a bit bored with the film I was watching and wanted something to do with my hands. But I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I have a button collection which I never use because - well, who does nowadays? I also have masses of florist's wire which I bought from Ebay because I love making cake-toppers like these...

(Although these are an example from Google because mine have all been eaten long ago!)

The boys have been busy too. This is Eleven-year-old's desk - due to the massive loom bands craze sweeping the school at the moment...

There's something quite heart-warming about watching a gang of boys earnestly selecting coloured bands and helping each other choose band styles (Eleven-year-old has mastered the fishtail, the chevron, the infinity and a slightly-raggedy kind of starburst).  Some of the more boyish boys opt for TeamGB colours or camouflage, but mostly the bands craze has united them with the girls. I love how they make them for each other as friendship bracelets - especially since this is Eleven's last year at primary school and he'll be saying goodbye to a few good friends in September.

And what about Seven-year-old?
Well, he was invited to a Paint-a-Pot party and returned with this splendid rainbow mug for me...

Like his brother, Seven is also good friends with the girls in his class. Which means that besides the Paint-a-Pot party, this year he has already attended a One-Direction-Karaoke-Disco *covers ears and runs away* and a Crafty-Miss-Sewing-Party where he made this rather splendid owl...

One final project which has been shared by both boys, has been the creation of a frankly magnificent poster for their school's summer fair. The reason they opted to share credit/blame is that one of them has given the clown in the corner a s-l-i-g-h-t-l-y similar face to that of their headteacher. I'm not convinced he's going to give them the prize this year!!!

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  1. Hehe love the cheeky poster! Aren't there some fab kid's parties these days? Ours were just a bit of jelly and ice-cream with a recording of the Top 40 on the radio! Happy Days.

    Great sunset pics, I find the colours fascinating . I have lots of sunset paintings around the house. Well jealous of your stained glass and you designed it yourself talented lady. Had a short visit to Hampton Court Palace on my school trip travels this week, some amazing examples of stained glass there.

    Enjoy the half term with the boys.


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