Monday, 9 June 2014


My contract with Chicken House finally arrived and I was so excited I made my husband photograph me signing it. Look - contract signing in progress...

I even tweeted it and people said, "Ooh, well done!"
Then I sent the contract back to my agent, who must have sent it on to Chicken House for countersigning because this morning Rachel Leyshon sent me this...

It's Barry (Cunningham OBE!) signing right back at me!
I love this so much!

I may or may not be dancing.
(I am.)


  1. Dancing with you :) You should get that picture framed and hung in the hallway - no wait - BOTH those pictures framed and hung together. xx

  2. Love to imagine you dancing - and it's got to be the Flora dance! One of my few remaining ambitions is to click on your blog one day and find photos of you in a gigantic ball dress twirling your way along Helston High Street xx


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