Thursday, 26 June 2014

Taking a break...

Hurrah, hurrah, the book is done!
I finished the first draft of my second book at the weekend and I've officially put it away in the dusty storage vault in the depths of my laptop.

I'm waiting to hear from my editor about book number one, so I hope that book number two will stay in the vault for a couple of months while I go through all the edits. Then I'll be able to take it out again and look at it with fresh eyes. And probably feel a bit dismayed. But there are bound to be one or two bits that I'll still be pleased with - hopefully enough to inspire a second draft.

I made myself a celebratory rainbow cake (just one of the many daft things I'd do more of... if I wasn't constantly trying to write stories). Marvel at how gay it looks:-

It's hard to feel too celebratory now that I know long it takes to get a book deal - and how many edits away from actually being a book this first draft is (just under a million).

But on the plus side,  I have a spare book - just in case anyone wants one. And there aren't any first-book-expectations that it has to live up to. Not yet. I'm also glad that I didn't have to write it under contract, since I have a friend who's already been paid for an unwritten second book and who is being asked to show her progress to her editor as she writes it, which must be horribly nerve-racking.
Anyway, my plan was to not even think about writing for a little while. I liked the idea of catching up with some TV box-sets and repainting the kitchen cupboards. I especially liked the idea of doing these things without that voice in my head shouting 'YOU SHOULD BE WRITING!' all the bloody time.
Trouble is, I've been living with that voice for so long, I don't think it does turn off any more. I've done all the washing and ironing and hoovering (yesterday I even Brasso-ed the front door knocker and the letterbox - and a couple of fish pate moulds) and it wasn't any fun at all.
I think I'd rather be writing.
I've watched a few episodes of 'Penny Dreadful' and 'True Blood' but they both seemed a bit ridiculous - especially in the daytime. Actually, it feels weird and wrong to be watching TV in the daytime at all unless I'm ill. I didn't much like it.


I think I'd rather be writing.
So...yeah, having failed to make it through the week, tomorrow I'm going to open up a new notepad and start plotting book number three...


  1. Can I possibly point out that I predicted this scenario? You're a writer, it's a creative need, resistance is futile. Well done on book two x

    1. That's the wordiest "I told you so" ever!
      Although as it happens, my editor has emailed me at the eleventh hour and saved me from the terrors of beginning all over again. Phew - back to book one!

  2. Well done on completing that first draft of book two. I hope things are progressing nicely with book one, do you have a date yet? Love the rainbow cake, how about sticking a unicorn on the top for me!! Definitely time to get back to writing, have fun xx

    1. Thanks, Suzanne. No date yet - other than late spring/early summer 2015, but I've been promised a schedule soon.
      (Unable to stick a unicorn on the cake because...*whispers* they don't really exist!)

    2. You're kidding me, right? You can only see them if you believe!
      2015 will be a great year for you I'm sure.

  3. That cake looks awesome. I'm just about to finish the first draft of my book and now I know EXACTLY what I'm going to bake to celebrate ;).
    P.S. Just found your blog and I'm loving it :)!
    Happy writing!