Saturday, 18 October 2014

Lovely cover choices...

Yesterday, my publishers posted some early cover designs on Twitter and asked what people thought of them. I'd nipped downstairs to the kitchen for a minute (more on that later) and when I came up again, my phone was going crazy with tweets. It's hard to carry on with my editing when this kind of thing happens - I kept checking Twitter and Facebook every few minutes for the rest of the day. And the minutes in between were spent grinning foolishly and gazing at my new covers.

Twitter voted for the cover with the camper van at the top-left. I think it's based on an idea one of my friends suggested which I then told my editor about. So - obviously - it's one of my favourites. But I also love the grubbiness and tactile look of the cover at the top-right. I like the blue - I like the sinister silhouette of the castle - I like the fact that it reminds me of the cover of the Goldfinch.

I double-checked by posting the covers on Facebook and - again - almost everyone I know voted for the camper van. People do love a VW!
I'm not sure how much of this my publishers will take into account, but I'm pretty sure I'm about to be given a lovely cover either way *happy face*

Besides my lovely covers, I have a new favourite thing...

Look - I brought roller-skates! I brought roller-skates for all!
Red retro roller-boots for me - the ones that were denied to me in the Eighties (At last! At last!)
And modern black and white versions (model name - Shadow!) for the boys.

Serious face because I'm coming in to land
and I STILL haven't figured out how to stop!

I've already blogged about my love of ice-skating - and my failed attempts to pass this love on to my children. Failed attempts which have in no way deterred me from trying the same thing all over again but with wheels

There's a smooth basketball arena in the park next to our house, which is great for practice. There are also a couple of roller discos near to us, and on our second visit to the Roller Revolution, Eight-year-old suddenly got it! He let go of my hand and shoved himself out into the melee, arms going round like windmills and didn't come back again. 

Look, Ma - no hands!
When it was over, his face had that same crazed look upon it that I could feel on my own, and he said, "We have to come next week! Every week!"
Eleven-year-old is refusing to be outshone - although his face is still wearing the look of someone going into battle or walking across hot coals whenever he pushes himself out among the skaters. He likes it, though. Because his brother and I make him - hee hee!

At the Mega Roller Disco - you get the chance to roll around in the DARK! Because who wouldn't want that??

Eleven-year-old and I are the ones with disco lasers shining across our arses in the picture above. Eight-year-old is probably going too fast to be captured on camera.

I'm supposed to be editing. My edits are fairly terrifying at the moment - and yet I keep on leaving the laptop and sneaking downstairs to the kitchen to have a quick practise on my skates. I desperately want to learn how to go backwards. Your feet have to make slinky snake-type movements when you go backwards - it's probably a bit like dancing for those of us who can't dance.

So...if anyone wants me, I shall be somewhere in the early 80s...

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  1. OMG how cool are those covers! For what it is worth I would vote for the VW cover too. Seeing your name on the cover, albeit a virtual one at the moment, must be so exciting and I can understand a little scary too when you think about all the work.

    I went to an 80's theme do the other week. I wore a ra-ra skirt and neon. I also tried to back comb my hair to try and recreate the 80's big hair vibe. It needed a mega condition the following day!

    I have never been any good on skates, ice or roller. Previous attempts have resulted in visits to first aid posts and being unable to sit down or walk properly for a week! You look like a pro to me. Have fun xx


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