Tuesday, 16 December 2014

My Blog is Three Years Old Today!

And this was my first ever post, written on the 16th December 2011...

"It's the last day of school today and the whole family will be home for Christmas - so I won't get the opportunity for much writing until the new year. I don't want to forget how to do it, so my plan is to write bits and pieces on this blog until the holidays are over. Then I'll start work on an exciting new novel and perhaps attempt one or two short stories - and use this blog to record my progress."

Probably one of my shortest ever posts, but it says what I wanted to say. I was feeling a lot of quietly simmering determination and I needed to record it somewhere. I think.

Anyway, it worked. Three years later, I am a writer (although it still feels like I'm pretending when I type that). My book will be out in June (according to the Chicken House website) and you can buy it for £7.99.

Here it is, on the same Chicken House bookcase as Melvin Burgess and Kevin Brooks (among lots of talented others). Which means I really ought to hurry up and finish writing the end!

So...yeah. Blogging! Try it - it works really well!


  1. Happy blogoversary, Helen! How cool does your book look on that shelf. Looking forward to reading it next year.

    Have a wonderful Christmas x

  2. Thanks Suzanne - I hope you have a great Christmas too xx


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