Wednesday, 4 March 2015


I've had a brilliantly bookish few days!

On Saturday I visited Birmingham Waterstones to hear thirty-three YA authors talk about their books. Some were more confident speakers than others, but they were all very friendly and passionate about writing and reading - especially for young people. I picked up tons of tips for when I have to do the talking part myself!

I also picked up plenty of books of course! These have all been signed and dedicated - either to me or the boys - by Keris Stainton, Eve Ainsworth and Robin Stevens. Oh - and I bought a shiny copy of Numbers too - signed for me by fellow Chicken Houser, Rachel Ward. But Twelve-year-old has already nabbed that for his school reading book!

Apart from all the readings, Q&As and cake, the event was a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the bloggers and book-reviewers who are incredibly supportive and friendly to new authors on Twitter.
I met the awesome Jim Dean from YAYeahYeah
I met the lovely Lucy Powrie from Queen of Contemporary
And the wonderful Michelle Toy from Tales of Yesterday - where there's a far more detailed write-up of the event!

There's Michelle on the right. On the left is the ever-inspiring Keris Stainton - whose writing course I enjoyed back in February of last year. It worked for me!

The UKYAExtravaganza was organised by Emma Pass and Kerry Drewery (up there) who will be running a similar event in Nottingham soon - and whose books I've already ordered from The Anthology - a beautiful new indie bookshop which has just opened close to where I live - hurrah!

Helene Hewett at The Suffolk Anthology

Lastly on the book front, the Eight-year-old entered a competition to design a chocolate frog card and won a brand new set of Harry Potter books plus signed prints of the new covers by Johnny Duddle - one of his favourite illustrators.

His bedroom is now Harry Potter heavy! No prizes for guessing who he'll be dressing up as for World Book Day tomorrow...

(Oh...that's not him, that's his gorilla!)


  1. I'm so jealous! I would've loved to have gone to UKYAExtravaganza! Maybe next time ;). It sounds like you had a great time. Also, I LOVE those HP prints! Congratulations! I'm planning on dressing up as 'someone from Gryffindor' tomorrow as I only have a Gryffindor scarf ;)

  2. Great to hear from you, Rachel.
    I'll be wearing my Slytherin scarf and giving all you Gryffindors side-eye!

  3. That looks so much fun. And lots of lovely new books! Well done to your son on wining those prints, he must have been so excited. Obviously talented like his mum. Our World Book Day is being delayed due to the fact tomorrow is St. Piran's Day (our Cornish Saint) and other celebrations are happening. Good job as I haven't come up with a costume yet!

  4. Don't you still have your Bellatrix costume? I'd like to see a photo of that almost more than I'd like anything!!!! (P.S. Happy St Piran's Day - whoever he may be x)


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