Thursday, 26 March 2015


Not the flowers - I expected those. 
All the mums get flowers on Mother's Day. Although the card drawn to look like the cover of my book was a particularly thoughtful touch. 

No, what really surprised me was that my children had booked me a climbing wall this Mother's Day.

There I am - right up there, look! Like SpiderMum!
I liked climbing a lot when we did it before - and they remembered.

I like how it makes you feel strong and brave and fit.  It doesn't seem possible to climb up those walls until you're - somehow - at the top.
I like how scary it is. You can never be sure your harness will support you until after you've let go and you're falling backwards.
I like how the 12-year-old made it to the very top of the ladder this time - even though he's always claimed to be afraid of heights.
I like how distracting and de-stressing it is when you have a nerve-racking book event coming up the following day. 
I like wall-climbing!

On your marks...get...set...GO!

A-a-a-nd SpiderMum takes the lead!

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  1. Go you SpiderMum! Hey, maybe there's a book in there somewhere!