Saturday, 17 October 2015

At the Extravaganza!

I went to a fantastic author event at Waterstones in Nottingham last weekend. It was the UKYA Extravaganza - a huge room full of authors, reviewers and readers. And cake!

Nick Frost and UKYA's Bowen with cake!

The UKYA Extravaganza is an annual event masterminded by the wonderful Kerry Drewery and Emma Pass. It gives lots of YA writers the chance to talk about their books, meet YA readers, make new friends and catch up with old ones! 

I was on a panel with Mike Revell, Kerry Drewery and Lucy Coats - who were all brilliant! We talked about what we wrote - why we wrote it - and all the best and worse aspects of being published! I picked up all sorts of writing tips and useful advice. Of course I bought lots of shiny new YA books too...

Signing books is definitely one of the best things about being published!
The panels were made up of writers of gritty urban realism, social or emotional issues, historical fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, dystopia, romance, paranormal and - everything really! YA fiction has no genre - just authors who all share a passionate enthusiasm for YA books. It was very inspiring. I came home feeling determined to write much more and much better!

With Lucy, Gem, Dani, Chelle and Andi.
I loved meeting so many friends from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - and thanking them for all their encouragement and support. Writing is quite solitary, so it's lucky that the UKYA community is one of the friendliest - both on and off the internet!

I genuinely have no idea who to credit for most of these photos - there was a torrent on Twitter and I saved as many as I could, so I hope it's okay for me to post them. Thanks to Lucy Lapinski, UKYAX and - of course - Kevin and Michelle Toy - I love you all xx

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  1. It looks and sounds fantastic! Many years ago I used to live only about 20 miles from Nottingham - shame it's now more like 350! So many fabulous books to chose from, I'd want to buy them all! Hopefully I'll get to another book signing next week so no doubt will add to my ever increasing TBR pile. xx


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