Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Things I love most about Autumn...

Coffee and cake. I love coffee and cake all year round, but coffee shops are especially nice when it's cold and rainy outside. One of my favourite chapters in the Night Circus is the one set in a coffee shop with the rain pouring down outside.

Autumn skies are the most magnificent. Although the one below clearly went wrong and had to be crossed out.

The Lit Fest has already been and gone - and I enjoyed it as much as always. My favourite events were seeing David Almond with the twelve-year-old; and seeing Robin Stevens and Katherine Woodfine with the nine-year-old. Lots of their school friends were at both events and we all learned a lot. Although we were only given iced buns at one of the events (up your game, David Almond!) 

After school Art Club has started again and we've been marbling, clay modelling and making Victorian-style silhouettes. Lots of mess, but good fun too.

Another Lit Fest event that I went to with an Art Club friend was a Paper Cutting workshop with Su Blackwell. We're both trying to find ways of incorporating something similar - but simpler - into the Art sessions. Look how beautiful her Book-cut sculptures are...

New books for longer, chilly evenings. I've discovered Frances Hardinge and love, love, love her dark and twisty stories. I've also found a wintry-looking Maggie Stiefvater series in the local charity shop - book bargain!

Autumn walks through the woods before the frost sets in and all the leaves fall down. Especially good fun if you happen to find a rope swing!