Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Blogiversary Number Four

I've been blogging for four years now!  
Less often than I'd like these days because I always feel guilty whenever I'm not working on book number two. I'm rewriting the whole thing - slowly and painfully. Writing is soooo much harder now that I know real people will actually read all those words one day. 
Not that the same rule applies when I'm writing this blog - weirdly. (Maybe it's because no one ever goes on bloody Goodreads to complain about clichés or unlikeable characters in blogs!)  

Had a lovely time in Cardiff recently at a Chicken House Brunch for bloggers and booksellers. Barry always makes me read first - which is terrifying. I can't convince myself this is because I am a magnificent opening act. No, I suspect it is simply because I can be relied upon to talk and read at lightning-speed before leaving the spotlight at a run. All the other authors are then free to tell their life stories and overrun wildly. I can only dream of having that sort of confidence!

I was followed by Sam Hepburn (If You Were Me) and Linda Davies (Longbow Girl) and MG Leonard (Beetle Boy). Thanks to Jazz and Annie Everall for the photos. See how much Barry loves that longbow!

Afterwards I signed books for bloggers and librarians and even an entire school - Cowbridge Comprehensive in the Vale of Glamorgan! 

And then I wandered around Cardiff Castle for ages - because castles are awesome. This one has a motte, stocks and a trebuchet. More homes should have these things. Specifically my house should have them. Mostly the trebuchet... "Take that - you noisy builders working on the opposite roof and blaring out your nineties pop music!"

So - yeah - apart from trying to write eighteenth century dialogue to a background racket of Britney and Coolio, I've been busy with the run-up to Christmas and the school art club. I'm tempted to upload three adorable letters of  apology I received from the boys who were over-creative with the tubes of squeezy paint and the sequins..."I promise I won't be Badly behaved in art cllub any more, Mrs Maslin, my apologes ones agen."
But I won't - because it would be wrong. Instead, I'll post the page of the Metro which describes Darkmere as assured (I've never been assured!). It was brilliant to make it onto a couple of the Best YA Books of 2015 lists. Thank you to the Metro and the Guardian.

Now, bring on Christmas!


  1. I cannot believe where this year has gone! Glad to hear you are making progress with the new book, albeit it to the accompaniment of some slightly dodgy tunes. My re-drafting is slow at the moment *sigh* but I am sure I will forge ahead in the New Year. Gotta keep on keeping on! (Sorry, hope the cliché patrol aren't reading this now!)
    Hope you and the family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year xx

  2. Why else does a moth fly from the surreal night to a bold, attractive candle Light? Don't let His extravagant brilliance be extinguished, girl. You're creative, n'est-ce pas? Then fly-away with U.S to the antidote.

    Meet this ex-mortal Upstairs, dear, for the most extra guhroovy, pleasure-beyond-measure, party-hardy-reality-show-addiction 24 / 7 you DO NOT wanna miss; where the Son never goes down from a VitSee-ing, ultra-passionate-YOUTHwitheTRUTH in which you'll find nonillionsXnonillionsXnonillions... of deluxe-HTTP [ pi ] opportunities for enveloping, engulfing excitement; where you'll looove an endless eternity of aplomBOMBs ALL falling over thy incredible, indelible cranium, as you'll have an XtraXcitinXpose with an IQ much higher than K2...

    Here's what the prolific, exquisite GODy sed: ' the more you shall honor Me, the more I shall bless you ' -the Infant Jesus of Prague

    Go git'm, girl. You're incredible

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